Course in Financial Management

Effective financial management is of vital importance to any company, particularly if it aims to improve profitability, liquidity and solvency. The programme is aimed at managers, accountants, bookkeepers, people working in the financial services sector and business owners.


One (1) year

Admission requirements

A National Senior Certificate (NSC)/Grade 12/Matric certificate

Learning assumed to be in place

 Learners must

  • have numeracy skills to enable them to perform mathematical calculations
  • be competent in English in order to learn from study material written in English and to effectively communicate what they have learnt in English


Students who enrol for either the BBA or BCom degrees offered by Unisa may apply for an exemption for the following modules once they have enrolled for one of these degree courses:

Module                                                                  Required module(s)

Financial management (FIN2601) or                           PFIN015

Finance for non-financial managers (FIN2603)

Risk management (RSK2602)                                       PFIN049


NQF level 6

48 credits

The programme does not entitle a student to admission for any degree course. The normal admission requirements for a degree course must be met.


The registration period is from 2 January to 16 March 2019.



Students must complete the following compulsory modules:

Code            Module

PFIN015    Introduction to Financial Management

PFIN026    Financing and Investment Decisions

PFIN038    The Management of Working Capital

PFIN049  Risk management or


The contents of the various modules are as follows:

Introduction to financial management (PFIN015)

The goal of financial management

Understanding financial statements

The analysis of financial statements

Time value of money

Risk and return

The valuation of financial assets

Financing and investment decisions (PFIN026)

Capital budgeting techniques

Cost of capital


Dividend policy

The management of working capital (PFIN038)

 Inventory management

The management of accounts receivable

Cash management

Risk management (PFIN049)

The identification of risk

The management of pure risk

The management of financial risk