BCom Tourism Management

Students can attend full-time lectures at Durbanville College in the modules of this Unisa degree. This assistance can contribute to better achievements and successes. The BCom degree provides the necessary background to a wide field of career opportunities in the business world, and the public or semi-public sectors. This BCom degree is specifically designed for learners who have not yet made a specific career choice, but wish to be exposed to all the core subjects that are offered by the Faculty. This option allows you to postpone the choice of a major subject until your final year.


3 Years


January & June

Admission Requirements

A National Senior Certificate (degree endorsement), with an achievement rating of 4 (50 – 59%) or better in the language of learning and teaching, and Mathematics with a rating of 4 (50 – 59%) or better.

1st Year
Code Module
CLA1501 Commercial Law 1A
DSC1520 Quantitative Modelling 1
ECS1501 Economics 1A
ECS1601 Economics 1B
FAC1502 Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures
FAC1601 Financial Accounting Reporting
MNB1501 Business Management 1A
MNB1601 Business Management 1B
TRT1502 Primary Factors of Tourism
TRT1602 Secondary Factors of Tourism

2nd Year
Code Module
IOP1502 Customer Service in Tourism
ECS2607 Economics of Tourism
GGH2606 Geography of Tourism
HRM2605 Human Resource Management for Line Managers
MNM2605 Consumer Behaviour
MNE2601 Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MNG2601 General Management
MNG2602 Contemporary Management Issues
MNM2602 Essentials of Marketing
TRT2601 Transport for Tourism
3rd  Year
Code Module
GGH3707 Ecotourism
MNE3701 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
MNG3701 Strategic Planning 3A
MNG3702 Strategic Implementation 3B
MNM3705 Marketing Applications
TRT3701 Hospitality Management
TRT3703 Tourism Distribution
TRT3704 Air Transport for Tourism
TRT3705 Tourism Governance
TRT3702 Special Interest Tourism