BCom Tourism Management – Foundation Stream

Students can attend full-time lectures at Durbanville College in the modules of this Unisa degree. This assistance can contribute to better achievements and successes. The BCom degree provides the necessary background to a wide field of career opportunities in the business world, and the public or semi-public sectors. This BCom degree is specifically designed for learners who have not yet made a specific career choice, but wish to be exposed to all the core subjects that are offered by the Faculty. This option allows you to postpone the choice of a major subject until your final year.


3 ½ Years


January & June

Admission Requirements

A National Senior Certificate (degree endorsement), with an achievement rating of 4 (50% – 59%) or better in the language of learning and teaching, and Mathematics with a rating of 3 (40% – 49%).

1st Year
Code Module
ENG1513 Foundations in English for University Study
FAC1500 Basic Accounting
FBN1501 Business Numerical Skills A
FEC1501 Understanding the Economy
MNB1501_FS Business Management 1A
FBN1502 Business Numerical Skills B
ECS1501_FS Economics 1A
FAC1502_FS Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures
CLA1501_FS Commercial Law 1A
TRT1502_FS Primary Factors of Tourism

2nd Year
Code Module
DSC1520_FS Quantitative Modelling 1
ECS1601_FS Economics 1B
MNB1601_FS Business Management 1B
FAC1601_FS Financial Accounting Reporting
TRT1602_FS Secondary Factors of Tourism
GGH2606_FS Geography of Tourism
HRM2605_FS Human Resource Management for Line Managers
MNE2601_FS Introduction to Entrepreneurship And Small Business Management
MNG2601_FS General Management
TRT2601_FS Transport For Tourism
3rd Year
Code Module
IOP1502_FS Customer Service in Tourism
ECS2607_FS Economics of Tourism
MNG2602_FS Contemporary Management Issues
MNM2602_FS Essentials of Marketing
MNM2605_FS Consumer Behaviour
MNG3701_FS_A Strategic Planning 3A
TRT3702_FS Special Interest Tourism
TRT3703_FS Tourism Distribution
TRT3704_FS Air Transport For Tourism
TRT3705_FS Tourism Governance
4th Year

(6 months)

Code Module
MNG3702_FS Strategic Implementation 3B
GGH3707_FS Ecotourism
MNE3701_FS Entrepreneurship And Small Business Management
MNM3705_FS Marketing Applications
TRT3701_FS Hospitality Management