BCom Marketing Management – Foundation Stream

Students can attend full-time lectures at Durbanville College in the modules of this Unisa degree. This assistance can contribute to better achievements and successes. This specialised degree opens career opportunities as marketing managers, sales managers, advertising managers, product managers, brand managers, marketing research managers, marketing planning managers sales representatives or marketing consultants in the manufacturing, services or retail industries.


3 ½ Years


January & June

Admission Requirements

A National Senior Certificate (degree endorsement), with an achievement rating of 4 (50% – 59%) or better in the language of learning and teaching, and Mathematics with a rating of 3 (40% – 49%).

1st Year
Code Module
ENG1513 Foundations in English for University Study
FAC1500 Basic Accounting
FBN1501 Business Numerical Skills A
FEC1501 Understanding the Economy
MNB1501_FS Business Management 1A
FBN1502 Business Numerical Skills B
ECS1501_FS Economics 1A
FAC1502_FS Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures
MNM1502_FS Customer Service
MNM1505_FS Introduction to Consumer Behaviour
2nd Year
Code Module
SUS1501 Sustainability and Greed
ECS1601_FS Economics 1B
FAC1602_FS Elementary Financial Accounting & Reporting
MNB1601_FS Business Management 1B
MNM1503_FS Introdution to Marketing
HRM2605_FS Human Resource Management for Line Managers
MNM2608_FS Product Management
MNM2609_FS Price Management
MNM2611_FS Promotion Management
MNM2607_FS Public Relations
3rd Year
Code Module
MNG2601_FS_A General Management
MNM2602_FS Essentials of Marketing
MNM2605_FS Consumer Behaviour
MNM2610_FS Distribution Management
FIN2603_FS Finance for Non-Financial Managers
MNG3701_FS_A Strategic Planning 3A
MNM3710_FS Brand Management
MNM3711_FS International Marketing
MNM3713_FS Services Marketing
MNM3714_FS E-Marketing

4th Year

(6 months)

Code Module
MNG3702_FS Strategic Implementation 3B
MNM3702_FS Marketing Research
MNM3703_FS Sales Management
MNM3709_FS Strategic Marketing
MNM3712_FS Customer Relationship Management