BCom Law – Foundation Stream

Students can attend full-time lectures at Durbanville College in the modules of this Unisa degree. This assistance can contribute to better achievements and successes. This degree is aimed at students wanting to specialize in the legal side of finance and commerce. The qualified student can operate as legal advisor in a variety of business concerns. This qualification also allows the student to apply for admission to the LLB degree.


3 ½ Years


January & June

Admission Requirements

A National Senior Certificate (degree endorsement), with an achievement rating of 4 (50% – 59%) or better in the language of learning and teaching, and Mathematics with a rating of 4 (50% – 59%).

1st Year
Code Module
ENG1513 Foundations in English for University Study
FAC1500 Basic Accounting
FBN1501 Business Numerical Skills A
FEC1501 Understanding the Economy
MNB1501_FS Business Management 1A
FBN1502 Business Numerical Skills B
ECS1501_FS Economics 1A
FAC1502_FS Financial Accounting Principles, Concepts and Procedures
CLA1501_FS Commercial Law 1A
ILW1501_FS Introduction to Law
2nd Year
Code Module
PVL1501_FS Law of Persons
SJD1501_FS Social Dimensions of Justice
ECS1601_FS Economics 1B
FAC1601_FS Financial Accounting Reporting
MNB1601_FS Business Management 1B
TAX2601_FS Principles of Taxation
IOP2608_FS Forensic Industrial Psychology
LLW2602_FS Collective Labour Law
PVL2602_FS Law of Succession
CLA2602_FS Commercial Law 2B
3rd Year
Code Module
AUE2602_FS Coporate Governance in Accountancy
ENN103F_FS English for Academic Purposes
LLW2601_FS Individual Labour Law
MRL2601_FS Entrepreneural Law
PVL2601_FS Family Law
AUI3702_FS The Internal Audit Process: Test of Controls
TAX3703_FS Taxation of Estates
TAX3704_FS Tax Administration
TAX3701_FS Taxation of Business Activities
TAX3702_FS Taxation of Individuals
4th Year

(6 months)

Code Module
MRL3701_FS Insolvency Law
PVL3701_FS Law of Property
PVL3702_FS Law of Contract
PVL3703_FS Law of Delict
PVL3704_FS Enrichment Liability & Estoppel