Bachelor of Education Foundation Phase

Students can attend full-time lectures at Durbanville College in the modules of this Unisa degree. This assistance can contribute to better achievements and successes. This degree focuses on the education & training of Grade R – Grade 3 pupils.


4 Years


January & June

Admission Requirements

A National Senior Certificate (Degree endorsement) with an achievement rating of 4 (50 – 59%) or better in the language of learning and teaching.

1st Year 
Code Module
PRS101Y Early Childhood Teaching
PRS1023 Health in Early Childhood Education
PRS1034 Art and Handwork
PRS1045 Teaching Practice 1
EDT101G Child Development
ENG1501 Foundations in English Literary Studies
ENG1502 Foundations in English Language Studies
AFK1501 Afrikaans Today (Literature)
AFK1503 Contemporary Afrikaans: Language Studies and Written Communication
EDA3046 Environmental Education Intermediate
2nd Year
Code Module
PRS2015 Music & Movement
PRS2026 Children’s Literature
PRS2038 The Reception Year
PRS2049 Teaching Practice 2
EDT102H Guidance, Counselling and Life Skills Development
EDT201K The Young Child and Learning
AFK2601 Genre and Theme (Afrikaans)
PYC1501 Basic Psychology
ENG2601 Applied English Language Studies
PYC1502 Psychology in Society
3rd Year
Code Module
AFK2602 Afrikaans Grammar
TEX2601 Writing Skills for the Communication Industry
PRS302A Reading, Writing and Spelling – First Language
PRS303B The Reception Year
PRS304C Teaching Practice 3
EDC1015 Theoretical frameworks in education
ETH302S Inclusive Education A
ENG2603 Colonial and Postcolonial African Literatures
PYC2602 Child and Adolescent Development
BPT1501_FP Being a Professional Teacher
4th Year
Code Module
PRS401C Mathematics Teaching
PRS402D Science and Technology
PRS403E Teaching Practice 4
EDT304R Social Education
ETH306W Inclusive Education B
EDT305S Management of Early Childhood Development Institutions
AFL1503 Language and Communication Skills Acquisition In an African Language I
AFL1504 Language and Communication Skills Acquisition In an African Language II
EDT303Q_FP Religious Education
ENG2602_FP Genres in Literature and Language : Theory, Style and Poetics