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Registration dates for Short Courses 2018

Registrasiedatums vir Kortkursusse 2018

Course in Practical Bookkeeping

Registration must be received on/before 14 February 2018.

Course in Taxation

Registration for Semester 1:  On or before 31 January 2018.

Registration for Semester 2:  On or before middle July.

Course in VAT

Registration must be received on/before 28 February 2018.

Course in Financial Management

Registration takes place 1 December 2017 – 24 March 2018.

Course in E-Marketing:

Registration for Semester 1: On or before middle January.

Registration for Semester 2:  On or before middle July.

Registration dates for UNISA Courses 2019

21 August 2018 – 28 September 2018

Registrasiedatums vir UNISA Kursusse 2019

21 Augustus 2018 – 28 September 2018

Durbanville College (Pty) Ltd. is a registered Private Higher Education Institution that has offered vocational education on a tertiary level since 1992.  Durbanville College offers modules towards a variety of UNISA degrees on a full-time basis.

The success of Durbanville College may be attributed to a few factors. The College prefers to remain relatively small, and as a result, tuition is offered in small groups. Our lecturers have practical experience in their fields of expertise, thus ensuring that all course information is relevant to studies. Students enjoy personal attention and as a result, a unique learning culture has established itself. This learning culture, combined with social activities, under the guidance of the student council, forms part of this unique Durbanville College atmosphere. As our students come from all over the country, accommodation is available within walking distance of the college and other amenities. We strive to promote Christian norms and standards at Durbanville College.